Saturday, May 19, 2012

Armed Forces Day

   The festival filled morning started with a visit from Captain America, he toured the streets and visited with the kids, as he posed for pictures with the crowds that collected on the streets of Downtown Bremerton.
   The weather cooperated, nearly perfect for mid May, with partly cloudy skies, temperatures hanging in the upper 60's and a mild breeze rolling off of the Sinclair Inlet.

Soon after, the loud pop of a gun shot echoed through the buildings, signaling the beginning of the Armed Forces Day Parade. People laughed and cheered as the first of many participants rounded the corner at the top of the hill and steadily marched forward.

The people were amazing and the energy was extremely positive and inviting. To be around that and witness the influence of that warmth and compassion spread across the town was a humbling experience.  To be a part of it made it near impossible to wipe the smile off of my face, and the goose bumps off of my arms. For a brief moment in time all of the drama seemed to have melted away leaving only the good and kindness behind in it's wake.

Even the performers, those that had spent hours and days rehearsing for this very moment, smiled as they concentrated. Their efforts were rewarded with waves from the audience, claps from friends, family and strangers and cheers from everyone.

The rolling drum beats from various marching bands acted as the heart beat of the parade and each cymbal crash only excited the crowds more. Some of the kids begged their father's to let them sit on their shoulders, to get a better look, while others bypassed their parents altogether, running into the street, to watch with a sparkled smile as a fully dressed soldier greeted them with a sticker.

All eyes turned to the skies when a large plane flew over the route at a low altitude, it's four large engines growling as it passed by.

Clowning Around

The Shriners are always there to bring a smile to the masses and today was no exception, it struck our funny bone to see Billy Bob on his bike, texting on his phone, while cruising the parade route. He did manage to finally get the phone back into his pocket a few blocks later.

Celebrating the Men and Women Who Fight for Our Freedom

And the Diverse Cultures Who Live in Our Wonderful Country

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